Kiran Korey

3_croppedKiran Korey joined the Integrated Genome Browser team in April of 2018 during his first semester as a Computer Science graduate student at UNC Charlotte.

Kiran earned a Bachelor of Information Science in 2015 from B V Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering and Technology, where he studying operating systems, software engineering, infosec, computer networks, cloud computing, and many other IT- and CS-related topics. Following graduation, he worked as a senior software engineer in Bangalore at SONY Indian Software Center, where he served as a full stack developer building and supporting web applications.

Since joining the IGB team, Kiran has¬†contributed to many aspects of the code, notably IGB’s use of JavaFX and OSGi bundle loading. He also updated IGB’s use of a very old third-party library, which required finesse and deep knowledge of how¬†the IGB project handles and manages library jar files that are not already OSGi-ready bundles.

As he gained skill, Kiran began writing IGB “case studies” slide decks, narratives explaining how he has tackled particularly interesting or difficult bug fixes or improvements.

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