The lab is located in the NC State Building at the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis. The address is 600 Laureate Way, Kannapolis.

Parking is available next to the building and in a nearby parking garage at no charge. When you arrive, visit the NC State office to request a visitors badge. They will direct you to the lab.

If visiting from UNC Charlotte, you can take the CCX (Express) bus from the JW Clay light rail station near the UNC Charlotte campus to the Concord Transit Center. The CCX bus stop is next to the parking garage on the west side, close to the entrance of Panera Bread.

From the Concord Transit Center, transfer to the CKRider (Concord-Kannapolis)  Blue or Brown line local bus. Take the local bus to the Research Campus or stops nearby.

Tip: Take the Brown line from the Transit Center to the Research Campus and take the Blue line going back. (Study the schedule to see why this saves you time!)

Things we like about the buses

Local and express buses have free wifi.

CKRider personnel and passengers are among the most considerate and helpful Dr. Loraine has encountered in her 30+ years of taking public transportation in many cities all over the world. That includes Toronto, Austin, Montréal, Heidelberg, Washington DC area, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, London, New York.

All buses converge at the Transit Center at the same time, where transfers happen. Buses leave the Transit Center at the same time, but only after every passenger has transferred to their next bus.  A system of smaller shuttle buses are strategically deployed to speed things up when delays occur. Drivers and dispatchers are in constant communication via radio.

The Transit Center has bathrooms, indoor seating, and a place to buy bus tickets or get information. It is always staffed while buses are running.

Transfers & Passes

  • Transfers from the CCX express bus to local CKRider buses are free. Request a transfer when you board.
  • Transfers from the local CKRider buses to the CCX express bus cost $0.95. Request a transfer when you board the local bus. You’ll pay the $0.95 transfer fee when you board the CCX bus.
  • You can buy 10-ride bus passes for CCX and CKRider local buses at the Transit Center at a discount. Bus passes do not expire.

Student discount

Students who show their school identification card at the Transit Center can get a special permit that lets you ride for half the cost.


All buses have a bike rack on the front of the bus. To date, we have never heard of anyone not being able to take their bike with them on the bus! So if you live far from the Lynx Station, we recommend you considering getting a bike to make your commute more healthful and refreshing. (But make sure you get a helmet!)

GPS means you’ll never miss the bus

Use Trak It, the CKRider bus system real-time GPS bus tracker, to see routes, scheduled stops, and location of buses.

Transportation – electric vehicle (EV)

Starting summer of 2018, we are renting electric vehicles from the University for students and staff to take to and from Kannapolis. However, to use this option, you need a North Carolina Driver’s license. And of course, you need to know how to drive! Typically, we have at least one student coming to Kannapolis who is able to drive. EV trips are scheduled to fit the drivers’ course and work schedules.