Seeking collaborators & trainees

In July of 2017, we received a new grant (NIH) to build and explore novel visual analytics functions for genomics using CyVerse, national cyberinfrastructure supported by NSF.

The main goal of the grant is to build (and publish) new visual analytics tools for genomics by linking the CyVerse cloud computing platform with Integrated Genome Browser, open source visualization software for genomics.

This is mainly a software engineering project, but there are many opportunities to explore a variety of research topics – and publish your original work. Publishing new insights into areas pertinent to the engineering goals is a major priority for the grant.

View the project description here:

Research questions of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • User interface design for domain experts. How do we design tools that stimulate insight and creativity in users?
  • Software engineering and project management for open source. What systems and practices build community and attract contributors?
  • Cloud-based high performance computing paradigms. How do we design distributed systems that feel fast & powerful to users?
  • Managing big data for genomics research. How do we organize data to maximize access for the scientists who need it?

This project leverages another NIH grant (Integrated Genome Browser and IGB Apps) that aims to develop Integrated Genome Browser as a platform for visual analytics research in bioinformatics.

Potential for long-term funding

Depending on our progress, NIH may renew the project at the end of our first 3-year funding period. Our first R01 grant (above) has already been renewed once. There is also the opportunity to request supplemental funds, or develop R15 AREA grants to blend research and teaching. There are many possibilities to explore!

For more information, contact Ann Loraine: