Visualizing genomes

IGB-start-screenBiomedical and plant science research increasingly involves examination of huge data sets. In recent years, introduction of new high-throughput sequencing technologies have led to production of new genome sequences for dozens of plants and animals and prompted major efforts to sequence individual human genomes. To take full advantage of these new large-scale data sets, researchers require flexible, user-friendly software that supports interactive, in-depth exploration of data at different levels of detail, ranging from chromosomes to individual base pairs.

loraineLab-visualizingGenomes-2We develop Integrated Genome Browser (IGB), a desktop visualization program used by thousands of researchers worldwide to explore and analyze high-throughput data sets.

IGB implements innovative yet practical visualization techniques that stimulate creativity and insight.  Unlike other tools, IGB implements genome-scale, animated zooming. This lets you zoom from chromosome to base pair and back again in a single sweep of the mouse. IGB also focuses zooming on the location of your last click, which helps you keep track of where you’ve been and where you’re going. Animated zooming in IGB makes moving around your genomic data feel like flying.

FixedTrackHeightIGB also offers many options for building sophisticated, attractive, and informative data visualizations. IGB lets you fine-tune size and resolution of images, making it easy to produce high-quality images for slides, grants, or publication.

Using the IGB Annotation tab, you can configure colors, add or remove arrows indicating whether a gene or read is on the minus or plus strand, add or remove labels, fine-tune track heights, and perform operations on tracks.

You can even filter tracks so that only certain types of data are shown, such as reads that contain introns – or don’t. You can also hide, show, or color-code annotations based on their score, which can be especially useful when sifting through ChIP-Seq peaks data. In the image above, we configured IGB to use yellow and magenta for plus and minus strand RNA-Seq reads. We also locked the height of the gene models track.

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