Bioinformatics Data Manager

We are looking for a Unix-savvy Bioinformatics or Computer Science student (or graduate) to help update and improve the Integrated Genome Browser Quickload data repository.

In this role, you’ll update IGB Quickload data hosted at, the main data feeder site for Integrated Genome Browser.

Previously, these data were version-controlled in a subversion repository hosted on-site at UNC Charlotte.

Now, we are migrating the repository to new, more fault-tolerant hosting while at the same time updating many data sets to newer versions.

Your main job will to be help with the update process, adding data to the central repository so that they can be mirrored on multiple sites for users’ convenience.

Once the project is completed, you’ll help draft a short article announcing the updated data repository to the community. There will also be multiple opportunities to present your work at conferences and workshops.

Required skills:

  • Ability to use Unix command line utilities – cut, sort, gunzip
  • Knowledge of bioinformatics, sequence, and gene data (e.g., gene models and sequence alignments)
  • Knowledge of file permissions in Unix and how to change them
  • Knowledge of Unix pipe, redirection operators; understanding of stdout and stderr file streams
  • Ability to log into remote hosts using ssh and navigate the system
  • Familiarity with BED, fa, 2bit, GFF file formats in bioinformatics (or ability to master these quickly)
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills; ability to write clearly and succinctly
  • Understanding of how Web servers (e.g., Apache) serve content (or ability to learn quickly)

Desired skills:

  • Programming in python
  • Shell scripting
  • Knowledge of version control systems and how to use them (esp. subversion)

To apply, send your resume to