on hiatus in summer 2020 – Pooja Nikhare

Pooja Nikhare joined the group in fall of 2019, her first semester at UNC Charlotte, where she is pursuing her masters degree in Computer Science.

Prior to coming to Charlotte, Pooja worked for several years at the Centre for Development of Telematics in India, where she rose to the position of Senior Research Engineer. She worked mainly on networking related projects, such as developing tools and algorithms for reducing network faults and understandability.

Pooja received her undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli.

Currently on the IGB project, Pooja is using her advanced programming skills to develop and maintain IGB Apps. She has also played a vital role in testing and validation of the IGB App Store.

During summer 2020, Pooja is doing an internship in industry.