Graduate Research Assistant

Update: Interviews complete

We received around two dozen applications for the position and interviewed seven people. Thank you very much to everyone who applied! Interviews are now complete, and two candidates have joined the group.
Choosing between so many excellent applications was extremely difficult. Applicants were  very strong in multiple areas Рexperience, programming skill, knowledge of key technologies, etc. In the end, we selected people based on how their particular strengths helped to round out the skill sets of the current team. We also prioritized people with two or more semesters left in their graduate program.
Please keep an eye on this Web page as we may have more positions available in fall. Our longer term goal is to expand our training capacity so that more students can participate – and receive stipends for their work!
Best wishes,
Dr. Loraine

Seeking graduate students to help build, test, and deploy Integrated Genome Browser

We are looking for graduate research assistants to help develop Integrated Genome Browser, a fast, flexible, free, open source genome browser used by thousands of researchers worldwide.

IGB uses a plug-able architecture (based on OSGi) that lets developers add new functionality as “Apps” – code bundles we will distribute using a new on-line App Store. You’ll help the team implement the IGB App API and write new Apps showcasing the IGB platform.

Students who write Apps will also have the opportunity to publish a short article describing their App. As an example, see this paper by IT Masters Student Tarun Mall, now at Amazon.

If interested, send your resume as PDF email attachment to Prof. Ann Loraine at Please include links to class projects or personal source code repos if available.

Deadline to apply is Wed March 22, but review of resumes will begin immediately. We aim to interview candidates during the week of March 27 and notify applicants by April 1.

The first appointment will be for the latter part of spring 2017 and continue into summer and fall depending on your progress, interest, and schedule.


  • Java programming skill (experience
  • Team programming using git, using this forking workflow
  • Expertise with OSGi, or motivation to learn
  • Ability to travel at least twice a week to Kannapolis in summer and fall.
  • Graduating Dec 2017 or later

For more information, see: