Bioinformatics Research Associate or Postdoctoral Trainee

We have an open position for a Bioinformatics Research Associate (professional staff) or Postdoctoral Trainee to join the Integrated Genome Browser team. This is a six-month-to-one-year contract, with possibility for extension depending on performance and continued funding.

In addition to writing code and helping manage our coding infrastructure (Jenkins, Jira, etc), you’ll play a key role in helping the IGB team connect with the larger bioinformatics community. During the upcoming year of the project, our goal is to transform the project from a mostly single-lab operation to a well-supported, robust, international open source project that can easily absorb and promote contributions from community developers. You’ll help with this effort. Ideally, you’ll use this position to build your career and reputation in bioinformatics.

Recent graduates of bioinformatics or related PhD programs are especially welcome to get in touch. We can hire into a Bioinformatics Research Associate or Postdoctoral trainee position, depending on the applicant. Loraine Lab postdoctoral positions are ideal for candidates who seek to become leaders in bioinformatics and therefore need specialized training in fund-raising, publishing, project planning, mentoring junior personnel, and teaching. Note that postdoctoral positions include health insurance but no retirement benefits.

To apply for the Research Associate position, visit

To apply for the postdoctoral position, send your cv, cover letter, dissertation abstract, and contact information for references to Ann Loraine at

All applicants should include links to source code repositories, if available.

Position requirements:

  • Masters degree or higher (PhD preferred)
  • Java 8 and experience building GUIs in Java (Swing, JavaFX)
  • Outstanding writing & presentation skills – you write easy-to-understand documentation and can explain complex topics to beginners & experts alike
  • Outstanding coding ability – you can solve problems and understand complex systems
  • Knowledge of bioinformatics – you understand our target user community

Salary and Benefits

Postdoctoral trainees in the Loraine Lab typically earn between $60,000 and $70,000 per year, depending on experience and skill level. Health insurance is provided. Paid vacation and sick leave is arranged within the lab. Maternity leave is 3 months on full salary, followed by optional unpaid leave or optional part-time employment as needed. We encourage everyone in the lab to take at least two weeks vacation per year to rejuvenate and refresh.

The Bioinformatics Research Associate position is limited to $65,000 annual salary due to funding constraints. Benefits include health insurance, flexible spending account, 2 days paid vacation accrued per month, paid sick leave, retirement matching that vests after five years, and free tuition for one 3-credit course per semester.